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Shopping Around Phuket
Written by Administrator    Wednesday, 24 March 2010 11:26    PDF Print E-mail

Thailand is famous as a Shopper’s Paradise


Yes, it is (especially with the relatively cheap Baht) and in Phuket you can find a little of everything from all over Thailand


Shopping Around Phuket


There are three major shopping areas on Phuket island:
Patong Beach, Phuket Town, and scattered-all-over


But before rushing out with your pocket full of cheap Baht, think a little. There are also people out there eager to take your money as fast as they can, giving back as little as possible. This might be only a few of the total number of shopkeepers and vendors, but tourism does attract the worst in every society, so heed the warnings in our shopping pages.


 Shopping Around Phuket


Prices in the tourist beaches are, naturally, a bit higher than in Phuket Town or other areas, so be prepared to bargain. The shopkeepers (except in large department-type stores) and vendors start with high prices, in the expectation that those wanting a bargain will haggle over the price.

 In Phuket one can find samples of most of Thailand’s famed products. Though you might have to hunt, and travel around, that can be half the fun.


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