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Resorts, hotels and bungalows
Written by Administrator    Tuesday, 23 March 2010 18:44    PDF Print E-mail


Looking for a resort hotel in Phuket?

It s a difficult choice, for there are so many places here, so many styles, and so many prices.

Thailand is famed for its hospitality. There are few places in the world where a total stranger can arrive and immediately be made to feel as comfortable as one does in this special kingdom.

This Thai hospitality, as much as the beauty of many of Phuket’s resorts, is the deciding advantage that elevates hotels here to elite, international levels. But in the many web pages here we focus on locations, facilities and links for over 200 accommodation establishments on this island. The hotel pages are organized by beach or section of the island.

Standards (and prices) range from a few elite, 5-star resorts, through scores of 3- and 4-star establishments, down to cheap bungalows at about US$15 per night. A large number sit right on the beach or seashore, though in the more popular beaches like Patong and Karon, which have the biggest concentrations of hotels, most are set back from the sand.

Resorts are spread over the length (approx. 50 kilometers) and breadth (approx. 10 kilometers) of Phuket island, though the greatest number is scattered over the string of beautiful beaches that line the island’s ocean-washed west coast.

Choose your resort hotel by the beach:

One important decision must be made before choosing a hotel - decide what kind of beach you want to stay. Their ambience varies greatly, from the bustling energy of the shopping, dining and entertainment centre at Patong to the quiet get-away found at the north and south ends of the island. To check out the ambiance of the beaches, look up our beach-by-beach pages, complete with many photos, in The Beaches. Every first-time visitor should first decide which beach suits his/her needs.

Hotel Listings:
On this page we offer a complete listing of hotels and bungalows on Phuket island in alphabetical order. But there is little other information here and no links – there are too many places for such details.