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Ghostinium will astound you
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Ghostinium will astound you
The main motto of “Ghostinium” is “the universe is unlimited and loveis boundless”. This concept isconsistent with the modern development of society: love for our planet, culture, home and parents. The exhibition hall resembles a flying pyramid plowing the reaches of our galaxy; life is in full swing inside this pyramid. This is the life of our entire universe.

And those who come under this magical dome will forget for a moment that they are earthlings. They will get an opportunity to visit other planets, to see their mysterious nature and inhabitants– dinosaurs and humanoids, flying cities andmysterious flowers, caves and fiery lava. Visitors will turn into “space tourists”. They will meet newanimatronics and witness incredible special effects. The scientific and informative exhibitionconsists of 13 zones. Each zone has its own theme name.

Ghostinium will astound you
Zone 1 “Guests from Space”

This zone resembles an alien spaceship. Humanoid astronauts (animatronics) are in the cabins; they are navigating a spaceship in the cockpit of a space station.The “Guests from Space” zone is equipped with monitors where space objects, galaxy and dust accumulation are displayed. Decorations are based on modern materials from a hi-tech style.

Ghostinium will astound you
Zone 2 “Living universe"

This zone has theme decoration, showing the landscape of an inhabited planet in deep space. Different species of flora and fauna from this fantastic planet are represented here. The main exhibit item is an animatronic of a fantastic animal named “Gargony” that moves its limbs, talks, sings and communicates with the audience. On the horizon visitors will see fabulous glowing mountains and a giant secondary planet. A flying metropolis is soaring in the sky; some screens are decorated with starry skies, made of LEDs and fiber optics.

Ghostinium will astound you
Zone 3 “Fiery giant spider”

This zone demonstrates the “fiery giant spider”, which is living among incandescent lava. This animatronic is about 6 metres in diameter and 3 metres high. It is moving with huge fangs. It has six eyes, and it’s totally covered with thick fur. The decorative design shows a cave where cocoons with offspring hung in the web as well as humanoids who have become its victims.

Ghostinium will astound you
Zone 4 “Bridge over volcanic lava”

This is a transition from one theme area to another. It’s decorated with installations that imitate the movement of a fiery river. Visitors are invited to cross the bridge over boiling lava. The bridge itself is equipped with video monitors showing short videos about how the bridge collapses and visitors can see how debris of the bridge fall into the giant lake.

Ghostinium will astound you
Zone 5 “Cave of gems

This is an exposition area, showing the beauty of the underground kingdom of minerals. Visitors will see stalactites—crystal made of real glass with decorative dynamic lighting.

Ghostinium will astound you
Zone 6 “T.Rex”

This zone demonstrates to guests the prehistorical world of dinosaurs. The main exhibit item is the giant dinosaur T.Rex, which is constructed in a hyper-realistic manner. It is moving according to the algorithm of real animals, opening its jaws, twisting its head in different directions, and growling loud sounds.

Ghostinium will astound you
Zone 7 “Viruses and bacteria”

This area shows the diversity of living species in the micro-world. Viewers are immersed into a space where strange creatures are hovering in the air with giant viruses and bacteria are moving their tentacles.

Ghostinium will astound you
Zone 8 “Insects”

This area demonstrates a variety of insects: butterflies, bees, ants. They are everywhere: under visitors’ feet, on the walls, on the ceiling. They wriggle along, move horns and create the impression of boiling live mass.

Ghostinium will astound you
Zone 9 “Prehistorical animals”

Four major animatronics are exhibited in this area: a Giant Snake, Crocodile, Dinosaur and flying lizard, the “Pterodactyl”. All animatronics are realistic in appearance and movement. They move according to the algorithm of real animals.

Ghostinium will astound you
Zone 10 “Horror behind the waterfall”

The main exhibit item of this zone is the animatronic of T.Rex’s head, which is hidden behind the waterfall jets in the cave. When visitors pass by and admire the colorful water jets, it suddenly appears from the darkness and scares the audience on the opposite side of the transition through the cave. At this point, tree branches are rustling, making visitors think that another monster is hiding in the bush. But no one appears.

Ghostinium will astound you
Zone 11 “Brain”

This area demonstrates the process of mammalian brain function. In the center of this zone there is a replica, enhanced human brain within of which the neural structure of the brain is shown. Visitors can see how impulses run in the brain cortex, and at the same time images of nature, children, war, love, death, flowers are displayed on the screen.

Ghostinium will astound you
Zone 12 “Giant Gorilla”

This zone demonstrates the animatronic of the Giant Gorilla. The design of this area is made of artificial phytol-materials in the style of a rainforest. A real man dressed for life in the tropics of South Africa who communicates with animatronic is located near the gorilla.

Ghostinium will astound you Technical planning

Designing animatronics is a very time-consuming process. The creation of this complex took 8 years. It is a unique project, and at this moment is passing through the patenting procedure. Computer programming controls all movements of the animatronics. The animatronic software enables programmers to coordinate the commands for motion and sound with commands for light and sound (lightning, peal of thunder). Intelligent kinematic diagrams operate in such way that theserobotized characters totally repeat articulation and facial gestures ofhumanoids. Animatronics are made of modern materials that are used today in the robotics industry. Advanced technologies in the sphere of automation, new materials, optimal placement of illuminating equipment and modern audio systems (Dolby) were used in the design process. “Ghostinium” excursions are conducted every hour and last about 30 minutes, including the show, about 45 minutes.

Ghostinium will astound you Zone 13 “Exit”

The walls and ceiling in this zone are made of cave paintings of ancient people. In this area, visitors can see animatronic “talking walls”, which are designed based on the reliefs seen at the ancient city of Angkor Wat, Cambodia.


The conception of the project enables the opening of an animatronic entertainment and science discovery theatre (“GHOSTINIUM”) on Phuket, providing not only cultural and entertainment recreation, but also a “scientific journey” for the residents and millions of tourists, coming to the island every year.

This project is beneficial for several reasons:

- First, the creation of this innovative project “Ghostinium” within Thailand will contribute to advancement in the field of industrialization and development of new technologies

- Second, this innovative project will create a new center for tourist activities; it will give a powerful boost for attracting tourists and the Thai economy

- Third, the implementation of this project will provide locals with work, help improve the welfare of the region and that of individualcitizens

- Fourth, the “Ghostinium” theatre is a movable exhibition complex, which can move, performing in different cities throughout Thailand.

Ghostinium will astound you