Phuket delivers record tourism revenues for Thailand from FIT business and luxury sectors cialis 20mg

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Phuket delivers record tourism revenues for Thailand from FIT business and luxury sectors
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Phuket delivers record tourism revenues for Thailand from FIT business and luxury sectors
Unique lifestyle event Phuket International Boat Show showcases Phuket's leisure, business and lifestyle credentials, generating more than 6 Billion Baht for the economy

Phuket is Thailand's number one tourism destination outside of Bangkok and the number one beach resort destination in Asia welcoming approximately six million arrivals (international and domestic combined) each year. Amongst Thai provinces, Phuket has the third highest Gross Provincial Product on the back of a resilient tourism industry. Known for its stunning beaches, nearby islands and seascapes, Phuket is one of the world's top beach resorts and the envy of many. With 13 public infrastructure projects totalling 42.3 Billion Baht either underway or in the pipeline, and the recent policy to support yachting industry growth, Central Government have dedicated vast resources to support the Island's development on the back of its importance as a key revenue generator for the country.

Phuket has an ideal mix of business and leisure facilities. Whether it is FIT travellers or Incentive Groups, the activities and facilities are second-to-none in Asia. More than 500 hotels, an international airport with direct international flights from all around the globe, a well-developed infrastructure and lots of interesting attractions and activities makes Phuket a popular choice for business and leisure travellers.

Phuket delivers record tourism revenues for Thailand from FIT business and luxury sectorsPhuket delivers record tourism revenues for Thailand from FIT business and luxury sectors

"The number of visitors to Phuket Island continues to grow year-on-year and recently we have seen a change in the demographics with more than 50% of visitors to Phuket today coming from Asian countries. Phuket is well-known around the world as a leading leisure destination and with ongoing infrastructure development and the expansion of Phuket International Airport Phuket will be able to manage future growth effectively," said Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chavanee Tongroach, Vice Minister of Tourism and Sports.

Phuket's strong leisure credentials are complemented by its facilities and growing appeal to business travellers. With more than 60% of business travellers coming for exhibitions and events in Thailand from within the Asian region, and with more than half the world's population on its doorstep Phuket is ideally positioned to leverage this and the upcoming AEC.

Mr. Nopparat Maythaveekulchai, President of Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB), an official supporter of the 2016 Phuket International Boat Show, said "TCEB is the government agency working under the direct supervision of Prime Minister, our primary mission is to promote the MICE industry in Thailand. TCEB have earmarked Phuket as one of our five MICE Cities and as we approach the AEC we expect to see more regional events come to Thailand, and in particular Phuket, where its unique business and leisure combination is unrivalled. For this reason, TCEB is delighted to lend our full support to PIMEX, the premier regional marine and lifestyle showcase which includes international marketing activities and specific promotions, campaigns, roadshows and business matching events in target countries and that aims to increase business opportunities for exhibitors to meet and talk and encourage more buyers to attend."

The Phuket International Boat Show is Thailand's largest boating and lifestyle show, and the longest-running show of its kind in South East Asia, attracting over 5,000 visitors each year from more than 30 countries. Show Organiser, Mr. Andrew Dowden, explains how the boat show contributes to Phuket's tourism industry and plans to further promote the Island's leisure, business and luxury lifestyle attributes.

"Since I launched the Phuket International Boat Show in 2003, Phuket's marine industry has grown more than 500% and today is a 10 Billion Baht-ayear industry. From just a few hundred boats prior to 2003, Phuket now welcomes more than 2,000 boats and more than 70 superyachts each year," said Dowden.

Having championed the Island's marine industry and it's beauty for more than a decade, the Phuket International Boat Show has averaged year-on-year growth of 11% and contributed six Billion Baht to the industry in 2015 through sales and leads generated from the Show," added Dowden.

For 2016, organisers have increased available in-water space and expect to have more than three Billion Baht of products on display in-the-water and in the Exhibition Hall. Fifty international boat brands from superyachts to trailer boats, sail and power, will be on display together with over 150 businesses including luxury cars, properties, marine products and lifestyle products and services.

"In line with the Thai Government's drive to encourage superyachts to charter in the country, we will be launching the first digital Phuket Charter Guide that will be distributed to thousands of travel agents around the world. This will be a "how to sell" charters in Phuket guide for travel agents and will prove to be an invaluable tool to help promote Phuket's leisure, business and luxury lifestyle credentials and the charter industry, which if given the support needed has the potential to generate revenue of more than five Billion Baht," concluded Mr. Dowden. The 13th Phuket International Boat Show will be held 7th to 10th January at Royal Phuket Marina.

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