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Experience Phuthai Massage & Spa
Written by Administrator    Tuesday, 28 July 2015 11:54    PDF Print E-mail
Phuthai Massage & Spa invites you to explore your comfort zone
Experience Phuthai Massage & Spa Experience Phuthai Massage & Spa While on holiday in Phuket it would be a crime not to have a massage or health treatment. Phuket is justly famed for its abundance and variety. So don't be tempted to just head down to the nearest salon and ask for a "head, back and shoulders" or a straightforward foot massage. There are many more exciting and adventurous treatments out there and by deliberately trying something new you might find the perfect health treatment.

Thai Massage
A technique to stimulate circulation and improve flexibility, No oil is used and a two-piece outfit is worn. Palms and thumbs are applied to pressure points to relieve tried muscles and to improve blood circulation.

Sport Massage
Relax with strong strokes and a special aromatherapy massage allowing for more muscle and tendon flexibility.

Foot Relaxing Massage
This treatment promotes relaxation to the entire body through the use of pressure points and foot massage.

Back Massage
Banish fatigue with this deceptively simple combination of upper body massage focusing on the back, head and shoulders.

Thai Herbal Steam
Thai Herbal Steam is a very therapeutic and popular hydrotherapy treatment. The herbal steam consists of combinations of aromatic Thai fresh herbs including turmeric, plai, lemongrass, Camphor and kaffir lime. Herbal steam soothes, relaxes and reduces stress.

Facial Treatment (Signature Organic Facial)
Powerful herbal antioxidants and natural nutrients to address and correct skin texture. Organic ingredients such as lemongrass, tamarind, cucumber and botanical oils are used to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate the skin. There's also a lymphatic facial massage to improve blood circulation and help achieve firmer skin.

Experiment with different sensations
Although Phuket is full of the usual health treatments and massages, it is also home to some weird and wonderful moments. Try something different; even if you find that small fish chewing steadily on your feet doesn't rock your world, it will make for an unforgettable holiday experience.

Experience Phuthai Massage & Spa