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Fin Fabulous - first specialty wine distributor in Thailand
Written by Administrator    Wednesday, 20 May 2015 15:08    PDF Print E-mail
Fin fabulous is needed The first specialty wine distributor in Thailand.
fin Fabulous - first specialty wine distributor in Thailand

fin fabulous is needed" is a lifestyle company founded in 2003 for tailor-made exclusive events and as a specialty distributor of handcrafted boutique wines. Benjawan Wisootsat, the Managing Director and owner of the Optimum group, created fin and has been successful convincing some of the best and most exclusive winemakers in the world to appoint her to be the exclusive distributor for their wines in Thailand.

The number of bottles of every individual wine produced by these world famous winemakers is limited and all these so called boutique wines represent less than 5% of the world wine production whereas more than 95% of all wines produced in the world are commercial efforts and products of industrial farming. fin does not import any factory wines even though these wines represent today about 97% of all wines sold in Thailand. It is an honour for Benjawan that an exclusive group of top winemakers has agreed to give their world famous wines to her young company to distribute them exclusively to the best destinations for wine lovers in Thailand.

Today there is a tremendous demand for these wines all over the world but the size of the small vineyards, mostly familyowned for generations, cannot be extended.

Therefore, you will not find these top boutique wines distributed by Fin in any retail shop or supermarket, but exclusively on the wine lists of Thailand's leading five-star hotels, top restaurants and best boutique resorts, carefully selected by Benjawan.

If you visit or live in Thailand and have taste, class and lead an individual lifestyle, ask for wines from Fin. Any place that has wine from fin on its wine list can be considered a five-star hotel, a top restaurant or an exclusive boutique resort and will surely fulfill your high expectations and fit your lifestyle choices.

fin Fabulous - first specialty wine distributor in Thailand FIN'S FABULOUS WINE TASTING PARTY @ BANYAN TREE PHUKET
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The wines from Kracher have long been in a class of their own. Practically no other sweet wines have reached such a high level of recognition worldwide and only a few have come close to the high ratings Kracher wines continuously receive. Around the world, Kracher has become the synonym for noble sweet wines of ultimate perfection. Weinlaubenhof Kracher is one of the best known sweet wine producers in the world. Despite Gerhard Kracher's relatively short time as Director and head winemaker of the company, he has continued to showcase the family's legacy that his father Alois Kracher Jr. and grandfather Alois Kracher Sr. built and has truly made a name for himself in the international wine market.

Just two years after taking the company's reigns, Gerhard was named 'Sweet Winemaker of the Year in 2009' by the International Wine Challenge in London. Gerhard became Director and Chief Winemaker of the winery's after his father's untimely death in 2007, but his work with the winery dates back to the late 1990's. Gerhard worked in the winery as a teenager and upon completion of business school in 2001, he took control of the company's overseas markets and events. Director of the company was a natural progression.