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A Disco Discreetly Named Seduction
Written by Administrator    Wednesday, 20 May 2015 13:50    PDF Print E-mail
A Disco Discreetly Named Seduction

The night was ripe for mischief. Delinquent youths were already dropping to the ashen concrete in their novice haze. Didn't they know that Patong didn't really heat up until midnight? If you want to survive Patong - the party haven of Phuket - you need to know three things: How to hold your liquor, how to budget, and where to go. The first two were well achieved when I found myself among what seemed like inebriated gazelles bounding down Patong's Bangla Road. Being the low season the streets were noticeably less packed, you just had to avoid a collision with the frolicking cervine. It made for easy walking - without worrying about losing your pals, unlike those blurring nights of high-season jollies. To my left, sois opened up between two guardian bars at the entrance (like Peter at the Gates of Heaven, only a lot less interested in your sins and a bit more interested in your money) waiting to swallow you into the belly of indulgence and belligerence. I grimaced and kept walking. This night called for something else.

A little more than half way up the debaucherous road I felt a magnetic pull to the side off Rat-U-Thit Road. A red carpet, plush and hinting at a bit of class among the riffraff galumphing down the street, lured me towards it. I couldn't resist and was instantly drawn into the crimson current. Cresting the top of the stairs, two men in black wai'ed me as they opened the large glass doors, I flashed a million dollar smile as I imagined the invisible paparazzi to be snapping coy photos of me to print the next day.

I had entered the loins of Seduction Discoth?que, the pulsating beats causing my body to throb as I made my way through the smiling crowd. Ten bartenders, split between front and back bars, all aimed to please. They asked for my order with genuine concern and eagerness, "Would you like a drink? We take very good care of our customers at Seduction." I couldn't help but stifle a girlish giggle as the suave gentlemen spun and mixed my drink. I bet you do.

An illuminated column of orange neon that shelved the night's spirits drew my eyes upward to the second floor. Shimmering, a massive disco ball dangled from the rafters. Like a barracuda attracted to shiny objects I instantly wanted to get closer, but to my dismay the second floor was not in use this night. That heralds more fortuitous nights of bigger crowds. Slipping into my mind's eye I pictured the masses wrapped around the banisters looking down towards the main dance floor. Gents would be picking out the lucky lady and the ladies would be playing hard to get to the ogling gents. This created an ableing environment for passion to ignite at the aptly named Seduction Disco.

Dancing along the catwalks towards the second bar in the back, I made a detour onto the dance floor as one of the three DJs spun a hot track. I bobbed to the music in front of the booth where the two local DJs and the guest DJ from Finland were flipping records. Making my way onto the dance floor, I sassily stepped onto the center stage and took full advantage of the 360 degree view. Scanning the crowd my eye caught both seducer and the seduced in action. Leaning into each other they tried to harness each others' desires while keeping a cool demeanour. Lights whorled, music thumped and the crowd increased as the small hand of my watch crept around. It was past midnight and the dropped prices of the drinks tempted me to order another.

The music had pulled the outer edges of the club onto the main floor in a frenzied dance. Steam was rising and bodies gyrated in curious modern mating rituals. Feeling euphoric I returned to the bar with my empty glass and winked at my bartender. Seduction Disco was still heating up as my men in black opened the door for me to leave. I flashed that million dollar smile again and sashayed down the carpeted lane.

The night went without a hitch. I had held my own in Patong once again and had money still left in my pocket for a late night, I mean, early morning, run to 7-Eleven for some chips. It's all about knowing where to go.