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Insects of the Andaman region
Written by Administrator    Friday, 26 March 2010 13:24    PDF Print E-mail

As a photographer covering the countries of Southeast Asia, and shooting varied topics that range from corporate to landscape to macro photography, I have found time enough to shoot photographs of just a few of the countless amazing insects that inhabit this tropical region. But unfortunately I have not found time to identify most of them.

Thus I offer some of my more interesting photographs of insects from this area for ascetic reasons, not science. If an entomologist out there can help me identify these bugs I would appreciate it greatly.

Most of these photographs were taken in the forests of the Andaman region surrounding Phuket, where I have spend so much time since launching PHUKET Magazine in 1989. When I get more time free from running my business I will spend more days crawling around the forest seeking out the strange, colourful and wonderful bugs that are waiting there for me.