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Leaving the Island
Written by Administrator    Friday, 26 March 2010 09:58    PDF Print E-mail

Driving to Phang Nga

 Leaving the Island

Phang Nga is most famous for it’s bay with vertical rocky mountains towering out of clam, green waters – along with James Bond island and the water village of Koh Pannyi. 

Leaving the Island

But the land routes through this province are of exceptional beauty also, and are well worth exploring in one’s own car. One can also have a great time driving and visiting the water-bound attractions above alone, without joining one of the mass bus-boat tours. It’s as easy as driving to Phang Nga Bay Resort (see below), park the car and rent a boat for a couple of hours.


Leaving the Island


There are many free maps showing the roads into Phang Nga, or pick up a copy of PHUKET Magazine and follow its maps. The route into Phang Nga is simple: north leads to the bridge off Phuket. 12 kilometres north is a small town and a major junction. Turn right. The routes are well sign posted.